“Business and social etiquette is about portraying yourself in a manner that is acceptable to society in general”.

- Anonymous

The business and social arena is becoming increasingly multi-national which leads to constant changes in the way clients and associates behave. It is of utmost necessity to empower employees with tools to manage day-to-day communication and build solid, productive relationships with colleagues and associates. The ability to understand proper business and social etiquette as well as international protocol and cultural diversity will help employees enhance the company’s success.

The Diplomat provides training in professional skills such as conducting interviews, greetings, introducing yourself and others, use and interpretation of body language. Image, style and dress-sense also form an important part of our workshops and presentations.

The Diplomat‘s workshops, training and consultations are structured and customised to the client’s needs.  Our inter–active discussions will enhance the professional and social image of individuals, managers, front-line sales representatives, new employees and entrepreneurs.

Tourism is one of the latest services that The Diplomat Tours provide.

Some associates and clients of The Diplomat’s  events office, training and consulting services:

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